Semi-integrated EMV Solutions

The path to fast, seamless EMV certification

In our ongoing efforts to provide VAR partners with a seamless transition into EMV payment acceptance, Global Payments offers a turn-key, scalable and efficient alternative to full device integration.

What You Need to Know

Fully certified through all major card brands, semi-integrated EMV solutions seamlessly integrate with POS devices, eliminating the need to go through the lengthy and often painstaking EMV certification process. Global Payments has collaborated with leading global payments providers to deliver smart, secure solutions that simplify EMV integration.

Multiple Pathways for Enabling EMV Payments

Using reliable, PCI 3.0 compliant devices by PAX Technology, Inc., this all-in-one solution has the ability to process with both TSYS Guardian EncryptionSM and TSYS Guardian TokenizationSM, creating a secure method for accepting payments.

Since the POS will never see any cardholder data, there is nothing to be hacked at the POS. – Andy Chau, CEO and President of PAX Technology, Inc.

TSYS is the first processor to Class A certify Ingenico Group’s new offering, which has the ability to process with TSYS Guardian Encryption SM and enables partners to easily build and deploy secure EMV and NFC solutions.

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This offering ideally positions TSYS and Ingenico Group to address the demand for field upgrades that EMV is creating. Our flexible integration toolkit simplifies the process of developing and implementing a semi-integrated solution for merchants. – Bernie Frey, senior vice president of Acquirer Sales, North America, Ingenico Group

Powered with a web-based system integration to co-exist with a secure TSYS application, Dejavoo Systems offers a simple, yet sophisticated cross-platform compatibility solution that includes all communication options and value-added programs.

We thank TSYS for their dedication and equality in the certification process, as well as their recognition of the unification of our application across all terminals. – Mony Zenou, President and CEO of Dejavoo Systems

The Voyager all-in-one payment application running on the Equinox Apollo terminal is an EMV-certified solution that contains features specifically designed for lodging, in addition to retail and restaurant environments. It is also certified to support multi-merchant configurations, TSYS Guardian EncryptionSM and TSYS Guardian TokenizationSM.

Our semi-integrated approach equates to an ‘easy button’ for vars. Our Apollo Solution allows developers to quickly implement secure EMV and contactless payments – including Visa quick chip and Mastercard m/chip fast – while reducing the headaches associated with annual PCI compliance validation. – Rob Hayhow, Vice President, Equinox

Decouples Payments, Reducing PCI Scope from the POS

Using a semi-integrated approach, communications between the PIN pad and POS system are limited to non-sensitive exchanges, preventing card data from entering the POS. By taking the POS out of the payment flow process, not only are EMV certification and PCI compliance simplified, but overall implementation costs and time are reduced as well.

Our Innovative Semi-integrated EMV Solutions Help You to:

  • Reduce steps and time
  • Avoid tedious testing with major card brands
  • Focus on developing your core products
  • Reduce cost
  • Increase your speed to market

Certified Semi-integrated Solutions Allow You to Offer Merchants:

  • An easy and secure method for accepting payment types
  • Support for most major mobile wallets
  • A simplified transaction flow
  • A quick-to-market EMV solution

Becoming EMV certified using one of our semi-integrated solutions can provide opportunities to expand your merchant base, improve merchant retention and provide secure solutions to your merchants. This can translate into potentially increased revenue and a greater partnership value for you.