Developer Services Team

Our people, processes and tools are representing the differentiated experience that our VAR partners have been looking for. Integrations are not a trivial exercise, and they cost the partner resources, time and capital out of their day-to-day operations. We’ve put a process in place that allows a single point of contact to guide and support our integrated partners through the certification process from inception to first use of the product. This process saves critical time and significantly outperforms the industry average.

Providing cutting-edge technology and products that ensure your transactions are processed securely and timely has become more important today than ever. Our Developer Services team was assembled with these concerns top-of-mind, creating a solid foundation equipped to service and support our Certified VAR Partners’ needs.

Knowledge and Skillset Resources

In this ever-changing landscape, partners and merchants require not only information, but also dependable resources from those who are looked upon as their payments professionals – individuals who are up to speed on the latest news and issues, as well as the current technology, products and services to meet that need. We’ve established the resources to advise on these evolving products and technology in the payments industry.

Revenue Generating Products and Services

Competition in the payments industry is tough enough. Adding a partner’s vertical-specific competition into the equation further presents numerous challenges for revenue and client retention. Providing products and services that will differentiate a partner’s solution within its own vertical segment is critical for success and revenue generation.

We have built a complimentary portfolio of forward-thinking products that TSYS Certified Partners can add to their solution set, creating differentiating statements within their verticals, and therefore increasing retention and revenue. We’ve also strengthened our bench, adding key players with industry leading experience. These resources possess extensive trade and technology experience and have been strategically positioned within our organization to serve TSYS Certified Partners and their customers. In the second half of 2013, TSYS introduced our new Developer Services team – a scalable, technology-driven integration environment designed to fulfill all of our partners’ development needs. This team is focused on building customized business solutions and ensuring overall project completion.

Dedicated VAR Partner Team

Focused on driving our partners’ business from contract inception to first use, our VAR partner team will help maneuver your unique solution(s) through the entire sales cycle, ensuring the right solution set is put in place to differentiate your business.

Customer Service, Operational and Technical Support

TSYS Integrator Helpdesk

Our helpdesk offers a round-the-clock customer service team dedicated to addressing our VAR partner needs specific to authorization and capture functionality or any production issues, keeping our promise to provide a rewarding end-to-end integrator experience.

Production and Technical Support Team

Our techinically savvy production team offers round-the-clock guidance for issues affecting multiple customers and/or locations, as well as all general third-party application inquiries.

Developer Services Team

Our lab specialists are available to answer your questions related to specifications, testing and certification. The lab team works exclusively in a test environment with test data to help prepare developers for production.

VAR Relationship Management Team

Our relationship managers are here to answer your day-to-day processing, technological, marketing and service needs. Dedicated to nurturing the Partner Program, we work hard to ensure the best possible experience for our Certified VAR Partners. Building and fostering successful partner relationships is paramount to this role. The VAR relationship management team identifies and executes growth strategies specific to our partners’ business demands. We are firmly committed to helping you grow your business.


Customer Service

TSYS Integrator Helpdesk

Round-the-clock availability

Production & Technical Support

Round-the-clock availability

Developer Services

Available Monday through Friday
7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Arizona Time

VAR Relationship Managers

Available Monday through Friday
8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Arizona Time